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maggiore tracciabilità e controllo
La Frutta secca di origine italiana
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Pariani is a family company that began its activity in 2010 with the production of a hazelnut oil through an innovative cold pressing system developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture of Turin. This oil, made exclusively with “Nocciola Piemonte IGP" hazelnuts, immediately entered the pantry of starred chefs and received prestigious awards.

The company's motto is "Research and Excellence", because its "mission" is not only high quality but also the focus on unusual or new ingredients and products, to satisfy the most demanding palates and the most creative recipes.
Over the years, an entire range of strictly Italian dried fruit derivatives has been created, selected by trusted producers: oils, grains, flours, pure pastes, spreadable creams.
Then the catalog was expanded to a wide range of candied and semi-candied fruit and vegetables, natural essences and finished products such as Pistacchiotto, a pistachio gianduiotto, Torta Sbrisolina, a crumbly hazelnut dessert made in collaboration with Maestro Luigi Biasetto, and pralines with different flavours.

Pariani, Mongolfiera a forma di pistacchio

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