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The company

Pariani is a family company that began its activity in 2010 with the production of a hazelnut oil through an innovative cold pressing system developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture of Turin. This oil, made exclusively with “Nocciola Piemonte IGP" hazelnuts, immediately entered the pantry of starred chefs and received prestigious awards.

The company's motto is "Research and Excellence", because its "mission" is not only high quality but also the focus on unusual or new ingredients and products, to satisfy the most demanding palates and the most creative recipes.
Over the years, an entire range of strictly Italian dried fruit derivatives has been created, selected by trusted producers: oils, grains, flours, pure pastes, spreadable creams.
Then the catalog was expanded to a wide range of candied and semi-candied fruit and vegetables, natural essences and finished products such as Pistacchiotto, a pistachio gianduiotto, Torta Sbrisolina, a crumbly hazelnut dessert made in collaboration with Maestro Luigi Biasetto, and pralines with different flavours.

Research and

Pariani, Mongolfiera a forma di pistacchio

The territory

Not one, but several companies spread across the entire Italian territory: this is the innovative concept of Pariani which, with the creation of real short supply chains, has taken root in the regions where the raw materials are grown and partly processed. The heart of the company is in Piedmont in Givoletto, on the outskirts of Turin, with the offices, the production laboratory, the warehouses, the shop and the tasting room. But the strength and security come from the farmers who from Cortemilia in the Langhe to Bronte in Sicily, passing through all the areas most suited to excellent crops in Italy, represent our true identity.

In Piedmont and Sicily Pariani operates and monitors directly with its technicians, while in the other regions it relies on trusted growers who have joined the "Pariani Supply Chain" project.

Our "harvest wheel" shows the areas of origin of the various fruits and the harvest time: a fundamental and delicate moment, because the optimal ripening point must be recognized and the "good agricultural practices" which preserve all its nutritional and sensorial qualities must be respected.

The supply chain: the Filiera Pariani

Short and trusted supply chains are central to guaranteeing that high quality of taste and transparency towards consumers which is in the Pariani mission. For this reason, a lot of time and effort have been dedicated over the years to building the first link in the chain that leads from the field to the fruit processing laboratory: the farmers and their land. They - "human guardians" in the area, custodians of unique and time-tested knowledge - are the guarantors of the quality of the raw material.

The first step was taken with PGI Piedmont Hazelnuts, bringing together in the Pariani Supply Chain a group of agricultural companies that not only give their entire harvest exclusively to our company but are also subject to the specifications of the Pariani Technical Disciplinary: a series of specifications which define the rules of "good agricultural practice" and establish the qualitative and sensorial requirements of the lots with even more rigorous standards than those contained in the Specifications for the "Nocciola Piemonte IGP" hazelnut.

Similar attention is paid in Sicily to the Pistachio Verde di Bronte PDO, cultivated in a specific area of Etna and also regulated by specific technical regulations.

Almonds from Val di Noto, Venetian "Lara" walnuts and Tuscan pine nuts come from reference growers selected over time and monitored with periodic visits to verify that the parameters always remain high. Because the real actors are the farmers. Our task is to "do as little damage as possible" in transforming raw materials before delivering the finished products to our customers.

Raw materials and ingredients from around the world

“ORIGINI Raw materials from the world” is a new Pariani brand that continues and expands the tradition of “Research and Excellence”, offering a selection of the best raw materials grown on different continents.

The selection was born from the trips that Mattia Pariani has made over the years to make his products known abroad, always with the curiosity of the explorer who keeps his eyes wide open on other horizons, other fruits, other excellences. Now this experience gives life to a "pantry" of raw materials that are difficult to find on the market but very interesting for chefs and cooking enthusiasts who want to introduce new smells and new flavors into their dishes.