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Piemonte Fabbriche Aperte

On 27 and 28 October, the Piedmont Region organised the fourth edition of 'Fabbriche Aperte Piemonte - Dentro il cuore del Piemonte industriale, per scoprire il valore di chi crea valore' ('Open factories in Piedmont - Inside the heart of industrial Piedmont, to discover the value of those who create value'), which allows the general public to visit the region's industrial production sites, which were opened extraordinarily for the occasion.

On Friday 27, Pariani welcomed young and old to show the places where our nuts are processed and transformed into oil, grains, flour, pure pastes and spreads.

Welcoming our guests was an opportunity to open the doors of our factory to show how tradition and a vocation for innovation coexist, the organisation of our production and the processes that allow us to bring our products of excellence to the market.